Pressure Cleaning Carports & Pergolas

Here at Gutter Wiz, we don’t just do Gutter Cleaning.

We also do Pressure Cleaning Window Cleaning & Solar Panel Cleaning. Here is an example Pressure Cleaning Carports & Pergolas.

A dirty Lichen covered carport roof in Somers on the Mornington Peninsula. You can see that the roof surface is growing Moss and lichen. Lichen

We managed to get it back to a reasonable state although there were traces where the lichen had already eaten into the roof surface. It pays to clean your roof especially Colorbond before the Lichen growth can damage the surface. Along with Pressure Cleaning Carports & Pergolas. , we also have treatments that can kill off this type of growth. Feel free to call me at any time for advice or a quote. Jeff 0411314104

What Is Lichen?

Lichen is a growing organism but it is not a single organism. It is a symbiosis of multiple organisms, meaning organisms living together. It comes from algae or cyanobacteria emerging from a type of fungi. There are over 20,000 species of Lichen worldwide and over 3000 known in Australia. Its growth rate is slow, only up to 1 -2 mm per year. Some Lichens are considered to be amongst the oldest living organisms.

How Does It Grow?

Without getting too technical/ Lichen can grow from small pieces breaking off and being blown to another area and growing on its own (vegetative reproduction). This is most likely when it is dry and brittle. Another way Lichen reproduce is by dispersing diaspores.

On What Roof Surfaces Does Lichen Grow?

I find that lichen tends to grow on Metal roofs, Terracotta Tiles but rarely on cement tile roofs. The exception of cement tile roofs seems to be if the tiles have been painted. If the tiles have been painted, we sometimes find lichen growing on them, especially on the bottom (more porous) edge of the tile.

Does Lichen Damage My Roof Surface?

From my experience, of all roof surfaces, Colorbond is the most susceptible surface. If left long enough the lichen eats in – or roots into the Colorbond coating. Often – even after cleaning – small circular like patterns of exposed metal appear where the lichen has been removed. That is why I recommend cleaning before the lichen has the chance to do this.


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