Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels Get Dirty! Like windows, the more dirt the less light will travel through them. Unfortunately, as the panels are mostly mounted on roofs they are more exposed to the elements than windows.

Solar Panel Cleaning Melbourne

Regular cleaning of your solar panels is essential to protect your investment and ensure optimum energy production. At Gutter Wiz, we employ a 100% environmentally friendly method, using de-ionised and filtered water, ensuring the panels are thoroughly cleaned without any chemical agents. This not only maintains the integrity of your solar panels but also aligns with the warranty requirements of many manufacturers.

Are your solar panels ready for a clean?

By ensuring your solar panels are clean and free from dirt and mineral deposits, you maximise their efficiency, leading to greater energy production and significant savings on your energy bills. Trust Gutter Wiz to help you sustain your commitment to renewable energy through our expert solar panel cleaning services.

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We ensure the quality of our work by providing before-and-after images and maintaining a secure archive for future reference. Trust Gutter Wiz for exceptional results for all exterior cleaning services, including gutter, roof, window, pressure, and solar panel cleaning. Contact us today to schedule a service or request a free quote!

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