Owning a property is not easy, especially when one has to deal with inconveniences like clogged gutters. Imagine how time-consuming and difficult it is to maintain and fix the issue. But you don’t have to experience the hassle because you can always call for a professional gutter cleaning in Shoreham. 

Allow the team of experts at Gutter Wiz to provide adequate solutions to your gutter system cleaning needs. We guarantee that our precious clients from Shoreham can rely on a wide selection of high-quality and affordable home maintenance services. 

Rely on Professionals to Handle Your Gutter Cleaning Needs! 

Many companies offer gutter cleaning and tend to overpromise the results. But Gutter Wiz lets the result speak for the quality of the service we deliver. With our committed professionals, we’re able to deliver the best possible results to our clients. 

And these professionals were trained, certified, and insured. So, they can take better care of your gutters and other outdoor cleaning necessities. Whether you want to improve your residential or commercial property’s gutter systems, Gutter Wiz got you covered. 

With years of experience and a wealth of expertise, our team makes it a mission to bring you practical and efficient ways to clean, fix, and maintain your gutters. You don’t have to worry about further damage to your properties. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters? 

Can you still recall the last time you did gutter inspection and maintenance? For sure, it has been pretty long since then. It’s never too late to schedule professional cleaning to clean the mess and do the repair. The more you brush this task aside, the bigger the possibility of significant and long-term problems, costing you more time and money. 

You should clean your gutter system once or twice annually as a property owner. That way, you can be sure that you can prevent any home damage and be ready for seasonal changes. While outdoor cleaning and home maintenance are costly, it’s a more practical choice than choosing DIY, which might lead to poor results, injuries, etc. With professional help, you are sure that every nook and cranny of your gutter system is dirt-, mud-, and debris-free.  

Understandably, most homeowners don’t have the luxury of time to conduct outdoor cleaning, specifically gutter and roof maintenance. That’s why getting professional assistance is the best possible solution.  

Professionals have the right tools and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. So, if you don’t, you’ll save more time and effort than spending the day buying cleaning agents and doing the time-consuming and challenging tasks on your own. 

Residential and Commercial Professional Gutter Cleaning in Shoreham 

If you own property around Melbourne, especially in Shoreham, it’s best to rely on expert cleaning services. We understand that everyone is preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of daily life, making home maintenance the least priority. But Gutter Wiz got your back! 

Our mission is to deliver the best possible gutter cleaning in Shoreham and guarantee client satisfaction. With our years of experience, proper training and tools, we are committed to eliminating leaves, twigs, dirt, and debris on your roofs and gutters.  

And our team will make sure to inspect your residential and commercial spaces for faults, leaks, broken tiles, and other issues. Our expert staff will conduct minor repairs or suggest major fixes based on the findings. So, you wouldn’t have to deal with any inconveniences hindering your comfortable living or denying you business opportunities. 

Get a Free Quote from Gutter Wiz! 

Of course, there are plenty of companies offering gutter cleaning in Shoreham. But no one has highly trained, certified, insured, and police-checked staff than Gutter Wiz. Get your gutters spotless clean and maintain their efficiency with our affordable yet quality services. 

For more information, don’t hesitate to call 1300 883 236 or email and get a quote within 48 hours! 



We're committed to making certain we walk away from jobs with a big thumbs up from all of our customers.


To avoid costly mistakes always make sure you're working with fully certified and insured trades people with years of experience.


Our decades of experience and successful business is built on the backbone of repeat customers who love and trust our work.


Gutter Wiz have experienced all types of gutter cleaning scenarios. From small residential homes to large commercial buildings – We’ve seen it all. Using our modern truck mounted gutter vacuum technology, we can get it done fast & safely without the mess.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain the way we clean gutters and why.
Most businesses offering Gutter Vacuum Cleaning do just that, they vacuum the gutters.  From my vast experience of cleaning thousands of gutters both domestic and commercial, I have concluded that just vacuuming gutters is not a thorough clean and I prefer to call it ‘gutter clearing’.

In an ideal scenario there would be loose dry leaves and no dirt. This is the only time we can get away with just vacuuming.  Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.  Usually there is dirt built up in the gutters. If it is dry, some of it sticks to the gutters, especially in the corners and under the roofline and the vacuum cannot get all of this out.  Same if it is wet and sticky.

That is why we not only vacuum the gutters but rinse them also.  This dissolves built up dirt & mud leaving the gutters much cleaner.  This also slows the build-up so the gutters will stay cleaner for longer. Even though this process takes longer than just vacuuming, our pricing is still comparable to our competitors.

Happy customers

"Thanks for the great job you did for us today. To leave our property cleaned up as if you had never been is a bonus. We will gladly recommend your company to others who may need the services you offer."

Margaret & Michael Berwick

"Still really delighted with Gutter Wiz after five years of service - always a totally clean job, on time and on budget. Friendly people, genuine care about the quality of the work."

John & Val Wells

"Great job Jeff, Our neighbours have already asked for your number, which I will pass on."

David Parkdale

"'Second time we've used Gutter Wiz - thrilled with the results. Will be getting them back on an annual basis'"


"'I can honestly tell you I’ve never dealt with a gutter cleaning firm which does this level of checking and advice in addition to the cleaning – thankyou!'"

Chris B

"Mate, thank you very much. I can't get up on the roof to do any of this anymore so last year I hired a bloke to do it, he charged me $400 and the job was terrible. The service from your Team was absolutely fantastic and I can't thank you enough and has taken a great weight off my shoulders the last thing I need at this time is a flooded house due to blocked gutters!"

Wayne and Jacque Balnarring

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