Gutter Wiz have been providing Roof and Gutter Vacuum Cleaning for over 10 years now, being one of the very first to use Gutter Vacuum Cleaning Equipment on The Mornington Peninsula an around Melbourne, We have a vast knowledge of roofs & gutter cleaning. 
We are Fully Insured and Safety Trained.
In fact we offer a Full Range of Exterior Cleaning Services.
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Gutter Cleaning in Frankston

The Need for Gutter Cleaning

If you see that your gutters are filling up with sticks, leaves, and other debris, it is time to undertake gutter cleaning. If not dealt with soon, water damage is imminent.

You know gutter cleaning is important because it keeps the gutters clear and prevents them from clogging up and overflowing. And if this happens, it can cause damage to the property including rotted timber, roof leaks, ceiling collapse, electrical problems, stains on walls and pathways and other issues. Clogged gutters can also create a breeding ground for mosquitos and attract other animals like birds and possums.

We Service Residential and Commercial Properties!

Should you need gutter cleaning services for residential or commercial properties, Gutter Wiz have years of experience servicing single and multi-storey homes, Blocks of units, Schools, Factories, Shops, Entire Retirement living and aged care facilities. There isn’t much we haven’t done.

Our team carefully inspects every roof we work on, always taking photos both before and after the work is comple. We check for issues like broken tiles, rusted gutters, roof sheets, chimney and skylight soaker trays, potential leaks, and of course blocked downpipes. If we find problems, we will provide customers advice on what to do and suggest whether your gutters may need replacing. We can also patch minor holes in metal roofs and gutters

As a trusted and established name in the industry, near enough is not good enough. We pride ourselves on being dependable, honest, efficient, and professional. We guarantee our Gutter Cleaning Service is done thoroughly, in a professional and efficient manner.

The next time you require gutter cleaning in Frankston, call Gutter Wiz. We guarantee to provide you the best gutter cleaning service at a price that does not break the bank.

What Sets Us Apart

Given out time in the Gutter Cleaning industry, we have performed work on thousands of buildings. We have seen all gutter cleaning scenarios. While  some are basic and have easy access, others need special equipment to get the job done safely.

Often, customers ask if we Vacuum Clean Gutters from the roof, or if it can be done from the ground. Sometimes homeowners are concerned about delicate tiles, roof sheets or just know their roof is too steep to walk on.

Gutter Wiz can offer you both options, gutter cleaning from the roof or from the ground. There are pros and cons, so feel free to ask us me which is best for you.

Do not Risk Your Safety

Can I just mention the considerable number of horrifying stories I have heard over the years? So many of my customers have told me of the injuries they, or a neighbor or family member suffered. Just a couple of months ago, I had a customer in Frankston South tell me how she fell through a polycarbonate roof, breaking her upper arm in 2 or 3 places. She is a nurse in her 50’s. That cost her weeks of time off work and not to mention the pain and suffering. Still, I suppose she was lucky she did not hit her head. This year she did the smart thing and employed us to do the job for her.

The truth is, it is a risky job, but with the correct safety equipment, training and lots of experience, Gutter Wiz minimize the risk, so you don’t need to compromise your health & Safety.

Do You Have Gutter Guard Installed?

It is ok, if you have grass growing out of them, and suspect they need cleaning, we can clean them without removing them. I know most Gutter Cleaning companies will tell you that your gutter guards need to be removed to clean the gutters, but I will not. Feel free to call me if you want to enquire.

Other Services

Gutter Wiz provide other services including but limited to:

  • Window Cleaning
  • Solar Panel cleaning
  • High Pressure Water Cleaning
  • Roof de-mossing treatments

Fully Insured

Gutter Wiz carry $20 Million Liability Insurance.

All staff have current Police and Working with Children Checks.

PS – Our Staff are Fully Vaccinated against Covid19

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We offer a full range of professional property cleaning services



Why Choose Gutter Wiz?

We ensure the quality of our work by providing before-and-after images and maintaining a secure archive for future reference. Trust Gutter Wiz for exceptional results for all exterior cleaning services, including gutter, roof, window, pressure, and solar panel cleaning. Contact us today to schedule a service or request a free quote!

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