How Often Should You Get Expert’s Gutter Cleaning Service?

House gutters are rarely discussed during home maintenance. Most homeowners have a long list of tasks to complete, such as re-painting the house, renovating the interior rooms, mowing the lawn, etc. However, gutter cleaning is hardly on the agenda.

So, if left unattended, debris, pests, leaves, and water may clog your gutter and cause irreparable damage to your home, resulting in costly home maintenance and repair. It is important to note that the gutters are a vital part of your house, providing protection from heavy rain and structural damage.

That is why you should prioritise gutter cleaning. When the schedule is tight, rely on gutter cleaning service professionals. But how often should you rely on their assistance? Does it happen once a week or once a year? Keep reading to find out.

How frequently should you hire a gutter cleaning service?

Frequently but without specificity—there is no rule of thumb for calculating the correct number of days for gutter cleaning. Whether you clean twice a year or once a year, the frequency of cleaning is determined by the environment in which you live.

Your gutter cleaning service experts may advise you to have your gutters cleaned at least once per annum. Or perhaps, they will suggest 6 monthlty cleaning. Whatever their response, experts and trustworthy gutter cleaners align the cleaning schedule with the external factors that can influence it.

4 Factors to Consider When Planning Your Gutter Cleaning Schedule

Whether you need gutter cleaning in Melbourne or gutter cleaning on The Mornington Peninsula, here are some variables that could affect the usual schedule of relying on professional services:

Factor #1: Trees

Joyce Kilmer’s poem began, “I think I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.” As you see, we know the beauty of trees in providing significant benefits to our lives, such as shade and reduced flooding. Yet, surprisingly, some types of trees can also put your gutter’s life on the line.

Leaves, twigs, and branches make up trees. And it’s apparent that when there’s a strong wind, these things can fly anywhere, including in your gutter. Quarterly cleaning is likely if you have trees that shed leaves or undergo seasonal needle drops, such as pinecones.

Factor #2: Roof Age

Have you ever seen a deteriorating tile roof? They shed cement and tile chips, causing some of their small fragments to fall into the gutters. When this happens, the components or granules can accumulate in your gutters and cause blockages. Hence, inspect your roof and plan your gutter cleaning accordingly.

Factor #3: Weather

Nothing is more damaging than bad weather. Strong winds or storms that blow through your area can knock down everything around your house, including trees, and end up in your gutter.

Another scenario is a dust storm. The dust accumulates on your roof and washes into the gutters during the next rain.

That is why it is critical to immediately contact gutter cleaning experts following a severe weather event to avoid further damage caused by bad weather.

Factor #4:Location

The location of your home can also influence your cleaning schedule. The more flora and fauna there is in your area, the more likely it is that animals and plants will cause damage to your gutter. It may appear strange, but possums and birds enjoy hiding and nesting in your gutters.

This is because animals may come across a pre-made nest of fallen twigs or leaves and make it their home. Or, on occasion, they consider the gutters to be a haven—a vantage point for potential threats—that provides the best hiding place.

So, when is the best time to clean your gutters?

After reading the factors listed above, you already know the answer— it depends.

Get the Best Results from Experts!

If you’ve noticed that gutter cleaning service experts have been mentioned frequently, you may be getting it—always rely on professionals.

DIY gutter cleaning might be appealing because it provides the illusion of “saving money,” but without proper knowledge and training, it can prolong the damage. You will eventually incur higher costs, stripping you further away from your financial goal.

Thus, find reliable gutter cleaners to save time and money. Whatever debris are discovered in your gutters, professionals such as Gutter Wiz use cutting-edge high-powered vacuum equipment to achieve the best results possible. Put your property’s upkeep in capable hands!

Gutter Clearing and Cleaning with Gutter Wiz!

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