Gutter Guard Fail

Gutter Guards Fail. People believe that by installing gutter guards or leaf guards, they never have to clean their gutters. We have come to believe that gutter guards don’t prevent the need for cleaning gutters.

Gutter Guards Fail

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When gutter/leaf guards fail

Dirt & dust will wash off the roof into gutters regardless of the type of guards and how small the holes are. Leaves and sticks, pine needles and plain tree debrise all break down and wash into the gutters eventually. Due to lack of sun and light, the gutters will stay moist for longer- especially in winter. Grass and weeds start to grow, moss starts to grow. If you see the photos on the gallery  you will even see plants growing. The gutters start to clog. Eventually they become totally blocked.

Often it makes more sense just to clean the gutters. The cost of installing gutter gaurds and then maintaining them may outweigh the benefit.

I am not making this up we see it very often and are regurlarly called to quote these jobs. It’s kind of like we have to “rescue” the gutters.

There are many types of gutter guards. Some are plastic mesh, some are metal mesh. These are generally screwed into the gutters. On colourbond roofs, they are also screwed into the roof. On tile roofs they are tucked under the second row of tiles. There are some plastic mesh types that are a waste of time installing. They usually come in rolls. 95% of the time we will remove these completely as they loose their shape. They also break down and become brittle over time.

Luckily Gutter Wiz have a great method for cleaning these gutters thoroughly,  without having to remove much of the gutter guards at all.

Before you spend your money on this type of product, call us for an honest appraisal of the type of guards you need or wether on fact you actually need them at all!


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