Gutter Vacuum Cleaning

Gutter Wiz are experts at Gutter Vacuum Cleaning. We use the latest high powered vacuum equipment. Whether it is a one off clean or bi-annual gutter clean you need. Gutter Wiz know what a dirty, dangerous and unpleasant job gutter cleaning can be. We have cleaned 1000’s of gutters with our truck mounted vacuum. We know exactly how to do it properly. This will ensure your gutter cleaning is done to the best standard. We use the Gutter Wiz – Gutter Vacuum Cleaning method.

Why Vacuum Clean Gutters?

It’s kind of logical why gutters need to be kept clean still it wouldn’t hurt to go over it. Have a look at the reasons why you must keep your gutters clean:

  • To get water off the roof quickly – the roof can collect a lot of water in a downpour and the gutters help remove the water from the roof in an orderly way.
  • To avoid Flooding of Roof Areas  – when gutters are blocked water finds its way into the roof cavity.
  • Stains, Mould, Holes & Cracks in ceilings – when a roof starts flooding due to blockages in gutters and downpipes, it can seep over the back of the gutter and onto the fascias, then into the eaves. Depending on the building design it may then travel on into the ceiling cavity.
  • Stained Eaves, Dirty Walls and Dirty fascias –these problems are often mistaken for broken tiles or holes in the roof but are more often caused by lack of gutter cleaning.
  • Lighting & Electrical Short – once water has entered the ceiling cavity it often finds it’s way out through light fittings. Downlight’s are especially vulnerable. This causes electrical problems and the danger of “live wires” in your home or workplace.a
  • Rusting Gutters & Box GuttersIn Melbourne’s climate we find dirty gutters will generally stay wet during the colder months and even into the warmer seasons. Rust and corrosion thrive in these conditions, causing annoying leaks.
  • Insects, Birds & Animals if the you don’t have adequate gutter cleaning water can stay in gutters and become stagnant. Mosquitoes breed in these conditions. If water is not stagnant, birds will drink it, bath in it and other animals will also be attracted eg Possums and rats.

Methods of Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Vacuum Cleaning

  • Pros – Gutter Wiz will respond quickly. We use our Powerful gutter vacuum to remove all debris from your roof gutters. We can effectively clear blocked downpipes on most roofs. Gutter Vacuum Cleaning is more thorough than cleaning by hand. Many of the finer particles of sand and soil may be left behind when picking out debris by hand. Experienced and insured, you have nothing to worry about. Use your time for more enjoyable pursuits knowing that we will give you the best job possible.  Performed in a safe and tidy manner.
  • Cons –  ??

 By Hand

  •  Pros – cheap do it yourself method
  • Cons lots of ladder movement or roof access required. Hand cuts and grazes are common so leather gloves may be needed.Falls from ladders – especially on uneven ground. Gutter cleaning by hand can be messy unless you carry and fill a bucket. This will increase your risk even more. The results are average, a lot of dirt and mud is left behind. This dirt can be washed down the downpipes but this may cause bigger problems later on! Can be time consuming.

Leaf Blower

  • Pros – may be quick in ideal circumstances
  • Cons this method of gutter cleaning most often requires roof access so it can be risky. Using a blower off a ladder or on the roof is dangerous. Proper fall prevention equipment may be required. No good if the debris in the gutters are wet, a leaf blower won’t move it well and will make a mess. No good if there are too may twigs. Often blows the mess all over the roof and grounds.

Pressure Cleaner

  • Pros – Good for washing gutters that don’t have much dirt and debris in them.
  • Cons – Pressure cleaning off a ladder or on the roof is dangerous. Proper fall prevention equipment is required. Any leaves will be washed either onto the ground or back onto the roof where they stick. If there is a lot of mud or soil in the gutter this method is fruitless. Dirt & debris may be blown onto the roof, ground and sometimes under the tiles into the roof cavity. Gutter cleaning by pressure cleaner is messy. The debris either go down the downpipes, back onto the roof or down walls. Also over gardens, outdoor furniture & windows. Pressure cleaners may be useful for washing a debris clean gutter. The use of water greatly increases the risk of slips on roofs!

Why Gutter Wiz?

Gutter Wiz gutter vacuum cleaning is a family business servicing Melbourne, South Eastern Suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula.

Gutter Wiz are experts at cleaning gutters with Hi-Tech powerful gutter vacuum machinery. We have cleaned thousands of gutters and know that every job has different requirements. Following are the reasons why you can rely on Gutter Wiz for your gutter cleaning in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula:

  • We are fully insured for public liability
  • We have our staff police-checked
  • Domestic, commercial & Industrial gutter vacuuming
  • Trained and experienced professionals with high powered gutter vacuum machinery
  • Single, double and triple storey buildings often vacuumed from ground level
  • Experts at cleaning roof gutters, roof valleys, soaker trays, box gutters, around skylights, evaporative cooling units, pool heating and all things that collect leaves, twigs and dirt buildup.
  • Our professionals are proficient to clean gutters up to two storey’s from ground
  • We will leave no mess after cleaning your gutters
  • We will inspect the roof and gutters for damage and report to you
  • We can repair minor leaks and problems on your roof or with the gutters

For quality work and peace of mind, call us now and we will quote you within 24-48hrs

How Much Water Does a Roof Collect?

When we do the sums, the amount of water a roof can collect is astounding. The average rainfall for Melbourne inner suburbs in 2013 was approximately 650mm.

Take a single storey 20 square home which would be 186m2 of roof*. For every 1mm of rain, each square meter or roof will collect 1 litre of water. Therefore a 20 square 1 storey home will collect 186 litres* of water for every 1mm of rain. So an average gutter in Melbourne would have to allow 120,990 litres of water to flow freely over 12 months. Or in simpler terms a garage of 6m x 6m would collect 23,400 litres* per annum – (close to Melbourne).

This is why it is important to have your gutter cleaning in Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula, performed by a business you can rely on and trust to do the best job for you.

(* Not allowing extra for roof pitch)


Services Required:

Gutter Cleaning
Pressure Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Solar Panel Cleaning

*please select above services required