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Weather is one of the factors that affect both the solar and photovoltaic panels in a number of ways. A change in the weather conditions makes photovoltaic panels a perfect target for dirt, algae, moss, industrial residue, dust and so forth. These are all elements that elevate the rate of solar panel deterioration.

Chemicals used for cleaning are also among the elements that contribute to solar panel damage. These cleaning agents may not only attract dust and dirt easily but may also damage the structure and overall functionality of the solar panel. With all these elements on the surface of a photovoltaic panel, the sun’s rays hardly get a chance to filter onto the system’s cells hence affecting efficiency and performance of a solar panel.

The accumulation of dirt on the surface of the solar panel essentially leads to inefficiencies. In addition, it damages the material make-up of the solar panel making it less durable. Cleaning is the only solution that guarantees your solar panel durability even in the worst weather condition. Climate and geographical location are two essential elements that determine the frequency of cleaning a solar panel. Therefore, if you live in a place that has a favorable climate, you may not have to clean the solar panel as often as a person living in a place that has a bad climate. For instance, people who live in industrial areas have to be pay more attention to solar panel cleaning as compared to people who live in the rural areas.

The need for pure water

Whenever you use cleaning agents that contain chemicals, the solar panel is exposed to slow and continual damage. This explains why a solar panel may not last as long as you expect it. Certain chemicals in cleaning agents cause continual damage to the surface of the solar panel making it less efficient.

Using ultra-pure water is a sure way to keep your solar panel from chemical damage even though you may use a little bit of cleaning agent with chemicals. You can use ultra-pure water without any cleaning agent because it is as effective as the agents. Moreover, use of ultra-pure water for cleaning comes at a lower cost. Ultra-pure water is the solution that extends the life of your solar panel guaranteeing you efficiency and high performance.

Risks associated with certain cleaning methods

Cleaning and maintenance of the solar and photovoltaic panels is important. However, ways of cleaning and maintaining the solar panel go a long way to determine the solar panel output. Some of the ways for cleaning and maintaining solar panels have a number of risks. For instance, people consider rain as an effective way of cleaning the solar panel.

The impact of rain water on the solar surface may be bad because rain water may have harmful chemicals caused by air pollution. Air pollution makes rain water acidic and aggressive. Chemicals chosen to clean the solar panel also matter a lot. Choosing the wrong chemicals may result in surface damages due to chemical reaction and aggression. Lastly, when you decide to clean manually, you may risk falling, especially if the solar panel is installed at a height of 20-feet.

Essentially, you need clean and pure water to clean your solar panel. If you use anything else, you will only be putting your solar panel at risk of deteriorating very fast. A better alternative is contacting home cleaning companies for cleaning services. Home cleaning companies have experienced workers who know every important element of cleaning and maintaining the solar panel. When you hire a home cleaning company, you will feel confident about the cleaning and maintenance of your solar and photovoltaic panel.


At Gutter Wiz, we know what a dirty, dangerous and unpleasant job gutter cleaning can be. We have cleaned 1000’s of gutters with our truck mounted vacuum. We know exactly how to do it properly. This will ensure your gutter cleaning is done to the best standard. We use the Gutter Wiz – Gutter Vacuum Cleaning method.

I would like to take this opportunity to explain the way we clean gutters and why.
Most businesses offering Gutter Vacuum Cleaning do just that, they vacuum the gutters.  From my vast experience of cleaning thousands of gutters both domestic and commercial, I have concluded that just vacuuming gutters is not a thorough clean and I prefer to call it ‘gutter clearing’.

In an ideal scenario there would be loose dry leaves and no dirt. This is the only time we can get away with just vacuuming.  Unfortunately, this is rarely the case.  Usually there is dirt built up in the gutters. If it is dry, some of it sticks to the gutters, especially in the corners and under the roofline and the vacuum cannot get all of this out.  Same if it is wet and sticky.

That is why we not only vacuum the gutters but rinse them also.  This dissolves built up dirt & mud leaving the gutters much cleaner.  This also slows the build-up so the gutters will stay cleaner for longer. Even though this process takes longer than just vacuuming, our pricing is still comparable to our competitors.

Happy customers

"Thanks for the great job you did for us today. To leave our property cleaned up as if you had never been is a bonus. We will gladly recommend your company to others who may need the services you offer."

Margaret & Michael Berwick

"Still really delighted with Gutter Wiz after five years of service - always a totally clean job, on time and on budget. Friendly people, genuine care about the quality of the work."

John & Val Wells

"Great job Jeff, Our neighbours have already asked for your number, which I will pass on."

David Parkdale

"'Second time we've used Gutter Wiz - thrilled with the results. Will be getting them back on an annual basis'"


"'I can honestly tell you I’ve never dealt with a gutter cleaning firm which does this level of checking and advice in addition to the cleaning – thankyou!'"

Chris B

"Mate, thank you very much. I can't get up on the roof to do any of this anymore so last year I hired a bloke to do it, he charged me $400 and the job was terrible. The service from your Team was absolutely fantastic and I can't thank you enough and has taken a great weight off my shoulders the last thing I need at this time is a flooded house due to blocked gutters!"

Wayne and Jacque Balnarring

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